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Cowboys coach Jason Garrett comments on Michael Bennett staying in locker room for national anthem

Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett doesn’t think that there will be any issues with Michael Bennett’s stance on the national anthem. When the Cowboys traded a seventh round pick to the New England Patriots to get Bennett, this seemed like a low-risk move that could provide a major boost to the defense.

One thing that might have gone overlooked though is Bennett has been known to protest the National Anthem, something that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones isn’t too fond of.

Bennett stayed in the locker room this season while the National Anthem was played. Garrett was asked during his Tuesday press conference if he thought it was going to be a problem.

“We don’t anticipate that being an issue. We’re excited to have him here. … We anticipate him doing what all of our players do.”

Those comments are interesting because all Cowboys players are expected to stand on the field, so Garrett is saying he believes Bennett will do the same.

This is a story that should be closely monitored because it could blow up, especially if Garrett and Jones didn’t talk to Bennett about their expectations before he made these last comments.

Bennett could decide to fight the Cowboys and try to stay in the locker room, or he could decide that he wants to not ruffle too many feathers on his new team and just stand with the rest of his teammates on the field.

The Cowboys play the New York Giants on Monday night football and all eyes will be looking for Bennett during the National Anthem.