Cowboys news: Jason Witten told team he was against the Greg Hardy signing
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Cowboys legend Jason Witten told team he was against the Greg Hardy signing

Jason Witten, Cowboys

Former Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten received some heat this week for praising Greg Hardy when the two were teammates, but Witten said on Twitter that he told the team he was against the signing.

This controversy comes on the heels of Witten blasting the Washington Redskins for signing Rueben Foster, just a few days after he was arrested for domestic violence.

“One hundred percent no,” Witten said via The Washington Post. “I believe the Washington Redskins used horrendous judgment in claiming this guy. And I understand that it’s an ongoing investigation. But my family’s been affected by domestic violence. I understand the anguish that it causes. And you know, young players just have to understand that there is no tolerance for putting your hands on a woman. Period.”

Although Witten is receiving a ton of rift for the comments, it feels like he does have a good point. When you are part of an organization, you have to be careful with what you say, and it was probably in his best interest to stay in good standing with the team and not speak out about the Hardy signing.

Now on the Monday Night Football crew, he has more freedom to say things, and he felt it was best to speak out about the Foster situation.

Witten has talked about before his issues growing up dealing with domestic violence, and it’s clear this issue holds a soft spot in his heart. Witten opened up a foundation when he was with the Cowboys helping women deal with domestic violence.