If you have billions of dollars lying around and think you can buy the Dallas Cowboys, maybe think of another NFL franchise to purchase. According to Cowboys team owner Jerry Jones himself, there's no way he'll be selling “America's Team.”

Via Jon Machota of The Athletic:

Jerry Jones on @1053thefan said no one has ever seriously offered to buy the Cowboys from him because there isn’t a chance of it happening. “I’ve sold a lot of things in my time. But everybody has heard me say, this is my heart, this is my legs. This is what we’re about.”

Jones has been in control of the Cowboys for over three decades. He bought the franchise in 1989 for a mere $150 million. If he sold it a year after that, he would be that era's version of the guy who paid 10,000 Bitcoin in 2010 for a couple of pizzas. That's because Dallas is now worth an estimated $6.5 billion, easily making it the most expensive NFL franchise today, according to Forbes.

Since Jones took over as the Cowboys' owner, the team has won three Super Bowls, though the last one was in 1996.

The Cowboys have struggled to win in the playoffs since, let alone win another Super Bowl. But that's not stopping the net worth of the team from rising. The bottom line is, don't expect Jones to let his beloved team be put up for sale.