Cowboys news: Jerry Jones praised Jason Garrett heading into Thursday's game
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Cowboys’ Jerry Jones praised Jason Garrett heading into Thursday’s game

Jerry Jones, Jason Garrett, Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is talking about head coach Jason Garrett. It must be late November, because this has become an annual dance in NFL circles.

Jones offered these comments on Garrett to 105.3 The Fan before the Cowboys’ Thanksgiving Day game against the Buffalo Bills:

“A dream is that something that I might have looked like or said might have caused us to do something that made a difference. That’s really not the way it works. I’ll tell you that right now. Jason has tremendous respect by the players on this football team. I’ll assure you that you won’t find anybody that knows how to do all the things to coach football any better than Jason Garrett does. He’s a master. Every detail, no one spends more time doing. I’ve said this. To have the perfect picture we just have to get him a Super Bowl. Then, we’ll sail off.”

The patience Jerry Jones has shown to Jason Garrett is remarkable. Whether that patience is a virtue depends on how one views the larger process of handling coaches. If a person thinks that quick-trigger coach firings are an unwelcome sign of mercilessness in the NFL, Jones’ tolerance of less-than-great seasons might contain an admirable quality.

For fans of the Cowboys — and rival fans who publicly love the durability of Garrett’s tenure because they privately think he is mediocre — Jerry’s patience with his head coach has been a case of severe mismanagement.

CBS cameras for Thursday’s Bills-Cowboys game offered the familiar visual platter: A look at Jerry Jones in the booth, then a look at a pained Jason Garrett on the sidelines as the Cowboys fell behind 23-7 after three quarters. Then the cameras looked at miserable Cowboy fans in the stands.

Is there another plot twist left in the Jerry Jones-Jason Garrett marriage in Dallas? We will have to wait and see if this familiar holiday movie offers something different in the weeks ahead.