Cowboys news: Jerry Jones wanted 'soft landing' for former head coach Jason Garrett
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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones wanted ‘soft landing’ for former head coach Jason Garrett

Jerry Jones, Jason Garrett, Cowboys

The writing was on the wall for Jason Garrett. For much of the 2019 campaign, it seemed as if the Dallas Cowboys would not be retaining the head coach, as the team’s disappointing season coupled with his expiring contract coupled for an obvious search for a new head coach.

However, when the regular season concluded, the Cowboys didn’t do what most thought they would. They waited to officially part ways with Garrett. During the press conference of new head coach Mike McCarthy on Wednesday, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones stated the waiting game was done with respect towards Garrett.

I do not only respect what he brought, helped [building] what we’re sitting in, helped what we’re doing,” Jones said, via the team’s official website. “Their family has been a part of that in their own way. As we all know, not the way — it took too many people, too many former players, coaches, everybody involved, to get to be sitting here today. But I felt strongly about that, and we all wanted this to have a very nice, if possible under the circumstances, soft landing.”

The Cowboys quickly signed McCarthy to be Garrett’s replacement in Dallas. He recommended him for the job.

“(Jason) said, ‘You’re not going to meet anybody more special than Mike. I love his story, I love him. he’s great,’” Jones recalled. “To give you an idea of a class act, that’s it right there, in both cases.”

In his ten seasons with Garrett at head coach, the Cowboys went 85-67 and 2-3 in the playoffs.