Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is currently dealing with a shoulder injury that's believed to be minor. However, Michael Irvin believes that it's a lot more serious than initially thought.

The Cowboys legend recently spoke about it on his podcast and offered his honest take on where Prescott could be going from this point, per TMZ Sports:

“When I was there at camp, he was throwing the ball back to the guy that was snapping it to him with his left hand,” Irvin said.

“It only takes that little wave with the right hand to throw the ball two yards, and I was like, ‘Oh, no. Oh, no.”The worst thing in the world, right now, is to have everybody in Cowboys camp saying, ‘Oh, no, we're going to have to play this season without Dak.' Or, ‘We're going to have to miss a considerable amount of time without Dak.”

The former Cowboys star added, “You don't stay out this long with something this minor at that position when you had all of last year off.”

Prescott just returned to regular drills in training camp and was operating at almost full strength earlier this week:

The Cowboys play next week in the preseason and Prescott is hoping to suit up. But if he doesn't, maybe it will be time to worry just like Irvin said. Dallas has already missed him for a season, they can't afford for that to happen again.