The Dallas Cowboys entered Sunday's wild card game against the San Francisco 49ers looking to prove that this year was going to be different. Longtime Cowboys critic Stephen A Smith took to Twitter to share his thoughts, following a deflating 23-17 defeat.

After laughing hysterically for the first 15 seconds of the video, Smith begins to roast the Cowboys. “Didn't I tell you… All year long, while everybody was raving about those boys in Big D, what did your boy Stephen A say? They ain't going to even win a playoff game. Sure enough, right on schedule, right when it really counts, they crashed like a cheap tent in inclement weather,” Smith said.

Dallas did not play well Sunday. They turned the ball over. They committed 14 penalties, tying a franchise high for a playoff game. Time after time, they shot themselves in the foot. Just when it appeared they had given themselves a shot at a miracle comeback, they couldn't get a snap off in time.

Following the game, longtime Dallas Cowboys supporter and tv personality Skip Bayless went the other way. He appeared to blame the referees for the Cowboys loss, or at least a chance at the win.

Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless have been linked together for two plus decades. They hosted ESPN's “First Take” until Bayless left ESPN for FOX Sports in 2016 to join Shannon Sharpe on the television program “Undisputed.”

Bayless, a hardcore Cowboys apologist, is pitted against Sharpe every morning in the sports talk show. Sharpe is apparently very eager to get to work for Monday's show.

Sharpe posted this to his Twitter account after the game.

There's sure to be fireworks on “Undisputed” Monday morning.

The offseason begins earlier than expected for the Cowboys, as talk of head coach Mike McCarthy needing to be fired heats up.