Cowboys news: Terrell Owens continues to rip Jerry Jones
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Terrell Owens continues to rip Cowboys owner Jerry Jones

Terrell Owens, Cowboys, Jerry Jones

Terrell Owens hasn’t shied away from calling out Jerry Jones amid his silence during the Black Lives Matter movement. On Friday evening, the former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver continued to rip Jones for his lack of response.

This isn’t the first time that Owens has clashed with the owner of the Cowboys. Back in 2018, when Owens was being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, he chose to not attend the festivities in Canton, Ohio.

Instead, he decided to remain with family and friends to celebrate privately after being snubbed in previous seasons. Following his decision to skip out on the induction ceremony, Jones exclaimed that Owens was making a mistake. The former All-Pro wide receiver wouldn’t take long to respond to Jones via Twitter.

Since the tragic death of George Floyd in police custody last month, coaches, owners, and players alike have released statements on the matter. Furthermore, some of them have even taken action in combating racial injustices. However, Jones is one of the only owners in the NFL to refrain from commenting on the issues at hand.

Demarcus Lawrence, a current member of the Cowboys, doesn’t believe Jones needs to share his opinion on the topic. While he’s not obligated to say anything, Jones’ silence speaks volumes given his previous stance on players kneeling during the national anthem.

Jones, a wealthy owner that’s benefitted from black players, has typically been very vocal in other topics in the NFL. This time around, players — whether they are past or present — are taking notice of Jones’ silence.