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NFL insider reveals whether Cowboys would trade Dak Prescott

Cowboys, Dak Prescott

NFL Insider Jay Glazer doesn’t see any way the Dallas Cowboys trade away Dak Prescott, even if they can’t reach a long term deal. Glazer did his weekly mailbag for The Athletic on Monday and answered a number of questions, but the most revealing concerned Prescott. Said Glazer,

“No, I don’t see it happening. I truly don’t believe that that would happen. I think Dak is their quarterback of the future. They know what they have in him.”

Glazer also points out that Prescott does more than just his play on the field, and what makes this situation so polarizing is just how important being the starting quarterback is.

“That position, the starting quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, is different than any other in sports. I’ve said it here several times, it’s like the shortstop for the Yankees, the centerfielder for the Red Sox, the center for the Lakers and Celtics all wrapped up into one with how much attention the position gets.

“There’s so much Dak does outside of just being a passer. As a leader on that team, as a quarterback, trying to get guys to sleep and eat right, he does so many other things.”

Glazer knows how important long-term contracts are for star players, and a lot of times there are snags in the negotiations. While the next few months could result in a number of conflicting reports out of both Prescott’s and the Cowboys’ camps on how negotiations are going, he expects everything will work out.

Even if Dallas and Prescott don’t reach a long term agreement this offseason, the Cowboys did place the franchise tag on the quarterback and he can play under that in 2020 in lieu of a longer deal coming afterwards.