Cody Bellinger played his first season with the Chicago Cubs last year, but it was unclear whether or not he would be back in the Windy City in 2024. However, the Cubs and Bellinger just reached a deal earlier this week, and he will be back in Chicago next season.

This is huge news for the Cubs. Cody Bellinger had a big season last year in Chicago, and this is where he wants to be. Now that he is back, the Cubs should have a good chance to win the division in 2024.

“I didn’t hide the fact internally that I did want to come back here,” Bellinger said, according to an article from The 670 Score. “I just love Wrigley Field, love the fans. Me and my family enjoy Chicago. When it was coming toward the end and everything was kind of coming to light a little bit, this was definitely something that I wanted and both sides agree on. I’m super happy it worked out the way it did. I trusted the process. I was in constant communication with Scott over here and understanding what was going on. I was super aware of the situation and had constant support from my wife. I was just with my family and whenever I was ready, I wanted to be ready, and I feel really good right now.”

Bellinger also noted that he has been “craving baseball”, and he can't wait to get back on the field for Chicago. Cubs president of baseball operations Jed Hoyer thinks that he's a perfect fit on this team.

“He’s a great fit for the team, a great fit in the clubhouse, love the person, love the family, all those things,” Hoyer said. “That never wavered. I think that we probably talked more often than Scott would’ve liked, but I feel like, I think with any negotiation, I think that sometimes there’s a misperception that we just fire offers back and forth to each other. I think there was a lot of talking about what each side wanted and over the last five to seven days before we got a deal, I think we kind of targeted a deal that made sense for both sides. And at that point, we did start making offers and talking more often and getting serious. But we had a lot of talks and like I said, our comments about Cody and our desire to bring him back never wavered. It was a matter of finding the right fit.”

The Cubs and Cody Bellinger have made things work, and now the team seems to have all the tools for a successful season.