D.Va, Overwatch’s resident gaming tank hero, famously spams “Nerf this!” whenever she launches her ultimate. Well, I guess the developers, Blizzard Entertainment, were paying attention because that’s almost exactly what she got. The devs moved to temporarily disable D.Va on all game modes following the discovery of a brand new game-breaking bug. Blizzard quickly addressed the issue in a Tweet.

Nerfed this

The game bug caused D.Va to become invincible after having her mech’s health completely depleted. The mech is meant to serve as a breakable shield for enemies to break through. This created a risky tradeoff for D.Va players to reconsider just diving into danger. The new Overwatch patch completely threw everything out the window. The developers have reassured its player base that they are working closely on fixing the issue.

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“We have temporarily disabled D.Va from play in all game modes until a fix has been identified. Will follow up when we have rolled out a fix.”

Players discovered the bug following the patch for the game’s 2020 Winter Wonderland event. Fortunately, Blizzard quickly took action against such an unfair bug. Naturally, players can’t fight back against an invincible mech charging at their faces unafraid of any damage.

Blizzard promised that it will update its players once a fix has been made. Overwatch fans can expect the update to drop on their Twitter account. It was almost an early Christmas for players that play the Korean tank but there’s no room for unfair advantages on Overwatch. Hopefully, Blizzard can get its game in order soon.