Dallas Cowboys: 3 bold predictions for Week 14 against the Bears
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Dallas Cowboys: 3 bold predictions for Week 14 against the Bears

The Dallas Cowboys have lost two games in a row and if they lose another game against the Chicago Bears on Thursday night, that is going to continue to leave the door open for the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC East. So will the Cowboys lose their third game in a row or will they rise to the occasion and pick up their seventh win of the season?

Let’s break down three bold predictions for Week 14 against the Bears.

3. Cowboys hold Mitchell Trubisky under 200 yards

This might not be all that bold because Mitchell Trubisky hasn’t been great this season, but he has thrown over 275 yards in each of the last two games. The Cowboys’ defense has been really good, giving up 215.2 yards per game through the air and they are going to make life tough on him.

The Cowboys defense is going to frustrate Trubisky early and that is going to make Trubisky make some really bad decisions as the games goes on.

Don’t be shocked if Trubisky has another “injury” in this game late so the team can make a quarterback change in the fourth quarter without saying they benched him.

2. Jason Witten has 75 receiving yards

Cowboys tight end Jason Witten has not had more than 58 receiving yards this season in a single game, but in this game that will change. The Bears know they need to take around Amari Cooper and there will also be a lot of attention given to Michael Gallup.

With the Bears defensive line, Dak Prescott is also going to need to get the ball out fast and he will be looking for the tight end a lot. It might take seven or eight catches to get the job done, but Witten is going to finish with at least 75 receiving yards. Also, look for him to finish with a touchdown or two.

1. Brett Maher is the difference

The Cowboys worked out kickers earlier this week, but they have decided to stick with Brett Maher and he is going to pay off the team in a big way.

“Those three guys did a nice job for us, but Brett is going to be our kicker going forward,” Jason Garrett said via Jon Machota of The Athletic.

This game has all the writings of being close and Maher is going to secure his job for at least a couple more weeks by making a kick late in the game, and it will end up being the game-winner.