It appears Damian Lillard has taken notice of something that has fooled people multiple times throughout this season. And that is Davion Mitchell of Baylor. Many assume he and Donovan Mitchell of the Utah Jazz are brothers, which they are not. In fact, the two are not related. On top of having similar game styles and even a similar shot, they also both wear the No. 45. Dame took notice on Sunday and sent a tweet in the direction of the No. 45 for the Jazz, Donovan Mitchell.

It is odd to see guards where a number like 45, but both Davion and Donovan Mitchell do just that. It makes you wonder if there’s an inside joke between the two to get people fooled into believing the two must be brothers. It’s a common mistake that many people make.

For Davion Mitchell, you have to lean into this heavily. Mitchell is a projected NBA draft pick, with most believing he will go at some point in the first round of the 2021 NBA Draft. While he could opt to come back to Baylor, most believe he will enter the draft.

As for Donovan Mitchell, well his Utah Jazz are trying to rediscover the good vibes they had earlier in the season as they currently hang on to the top seed in the Western Conference. Donovan Mitchell is averaging 25.3 points per game for the Jazz this season.

Donovan tweeted back at Dame as the two enjoyed having some fun.

Davion Mitchell is averaging 14.1 a pop for the number one-seeded Baylor Bears as they try to make a push for a National Championship this year.

Wouldn’t it be something if both ended up on the same team in the NBA? At least then they wouldn’t be able to wear the same number.