A Dark Souls 3 exploit is making online play in the game currently unsafe.

Playing Dark Souls 3 online today would pose a security risk for your computer. A new Dark Souls 3 Exploit on PC has been found, which can cause serious damage to your PC. As detailed by Twitter user SkeleMann, the exploit acts like a Trojan Horse virus. This exploit will make your PC vulnerable, could brick it, have your login information be shared, and execute programs in the background. Hence, playing Dark Souls 3 online is currently not advised. Not even the Blue Sentinel mod, which usually protects users online from scripts and hackers, can mitigate the issue when the issue was first found. But a new update to the mod has reportedly thwarted the exploit, making it a necessary tool to install to your game if you would still want to play Dark Souls 3 online.

According to a Reddit thread, the exploit is an RCE (Remote Code Execution) exploit, which allows a hacker to access someone else's computer from another device. Usually, this leads to the hacker running other executable code on the host PC, allowing them to do various activities, depending on how well set up the host PC's security is. This could lead to a bricked PC in its worst cases.

The Reddit thread also has some users saying that the exploit was discovered by a grey hat that sent the information to the game's developers, FromSoftware, a few months ago. Allegedly, the exploit is serious enough that it can affect FromSoftware's upcoming game, Elden Ring. However, FromSoftware has not replied to the hacker, which prompted the hacker to target a couple of Dark Souls 3 streamers with the exploit to bring more attention to the issue.

As of now, FromSoftware has not released a statement regarding the vulnerability, nor have they released a new patch to combat the exploit.