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Dead by Daylight releases “A Binding of Kin” spotlight

Behaviour Interactive has recently published their latest spotlight entitled, “A Binding of Kin,” revealing the new characters in their flagship horror multiplayer game Dead by Daylight. The latest killers are known as the Twins and their latest survivor is Elodie Rakoto.

The Twins named Victor and Charlotte Deshayes are two conjoined Frenchmen born and raised in the 17th century will be the stars of the new Dead by Daylight chapter. Their hardships in life was a curtain call for the Entity, a malevolent being, to transform them into abominations leading them to a life inside the realm of trials. Their uniqueness in terms of gameplay comes from their ability to separate each other, allowing the player to move around the realm to track down their prey. Charlotte has the ability to pounce survivors and could even alert Victor on the location of their victims.

Besides their ability to scout around the field and produce a new wave of jumpscare galores on Twitch due to Charlotte’s pouncing ability, the Twins have additional perks where the survivors struggle to acquire rare items in chests, encounter difficulties in repairing the generators, and even if they succeed in doing so, the Twins in return will receive added bonuses in terms of lounge attack range.

Elodie Rakoto is revealed to be the newest entry in the list of survivors for Dead by Daylight. She is a guilt-stricken individual who is motivated to uncover the mysteries of her parents’ disappearance. Out of desperation, she relied on occultism to solve her past though it yielded dire consequences. Her perks revolve around, using tokens to attain items from opened chests, a faster duration in searching items inside chests, the ability to deceive the killer by pretending to go inside hiding spots, and using pallets while abducted by the predator.

The latest chapter in the Dead by Daylight franchise will be released on December 1, 2020.

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