Dead Island 2's release date was delayed to next year, according to the developers.

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In a tweet on their official Twitter account, the Dead Island developers said that they will be delaying the game to next year. To be exact, they put the new release date as April 28, 2023.

In the statement, they mentioned that they were “as disappointed as you undoubtedly are.” Supposedly, the game would release on February 3, 2023. However, as mentioned in the tweet, they are delaying it “by just 12 short weeks”. They did, however, say that development is “on the final straight now”, meaning that most of the game features have most likely finished development.

We're going to take the time we need to make sure we can launch a game we're proud to launch. For those of you who've been waiting for years, thank you for hanging in there with us.


Franz Christian Irorita ·

To be exact, fans have been waiting for almost ten years for the next mainstream game. The last mainline Dead Island game was Dead Island: Riptide, which came out back in 2013. There was also a spin-off that came out in 2014, but it was a third-person adventure spin-off. The most that fans got was a Definitive edition that came out in 2016. Understandably, some fans did not like the release date delay. Some people were talking about how the game has had at least 5 release dates already. Others were more vocal about their disappointment, saying the game would bomb and that its development would make a good documentary.

Of course, there are also those who welcomed the delay, in that they preferred a polished game rather than a rushed one. Whether or not it really will come out better, we won't really know until next year. In the meantime, the developers said that we can expect a new trailer and gameplay peek soon. To be exact, they said that they will be releasing it on December 6, 2022, on their Twitch channel, YouTube channel, and official website.

That's all the news we have so far about the Dead Island 2 release date delay. For more gaming news from us, you can head over here.