Deadpool 3 will team Ryan Reynolds' character with Hugh Jackman's Wolverine. Shawn Levy, who will direct the MCU movie, wants to team up Deadpool and Tom Holland's Spider-Man.

Speaking to Total Film, Levy made his pitch. He thinks that Deadpool fits in with characters thanks to his “audacity” and a movie with Holland would see the actor “run circles around everyone else.”

“The thing about Deadpool is I think he makes everything more interesting because of his audacity,” Levy said. “But, boy, I'd sure love to see Deadpool and Spidey. That's a movie I'd love to make.

“I feel like Tom Holland would run circles around everyone else,” he added.

Wendy Jacobson, who produced Deadpool 3, wants to see the character team with She-Hulk villain Titania.

“She's such a heightened, hilarious character and also an actor who can improv and is razor-sharp and can banter,” Jacobson explained. “I can't imagine being an actor, period, but I can't imagine having to work opposite someone like Ryan Reynolds, who is just so quick and so smart and so funny all the time — but that woman could handle it.”

Deadpool 3

Before any more team-ups, Deadpool and Wolverine has to come out. The upcoming movie is the lone MCU movie slated for 2024. It hopes to turn around the MCU's luck after a lukewarm 2023.

In the movie, Reynolds' Wade Wilson is recruited on a mission by the Time Variance Authority (TVA). The mission will change the history of the MCU. Also with him is Wolverine.

Hugh Jackman makes his long-awaited return to the Wolverine role after 2017's Logan. Spoiler alert: At the end of the movie, he dies. However, this version of the character seems to be a variant.

Emma Corrin (The Crown) stars as Cassandra Nova, the movie's antagonist. Matthew Macfadyen will play TVA agent Paradox.

Returning cast members from past Deadpool movies include Morena Baccarin, Rob Delaney, Leslie Uggams, Karan Soni, Brianna Hildebrand, and Stefan Kapičić.

Jennifer Garner will make her return as Elektra Natchios in the movie. She previously played the part in the 2003 Ben Affleck-led Daredevil movie. She also received a solo spin-off movie in 2005.

Shawn Levy, who directed Jackman in Real Steel and Reynolds in Free Guy and The Adam Project, directed Deadpool 3. He also co-wrote the script with Reynolds, Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, and Zeb Wells.

Have Deadpool and Spider-Man teamed up before?

Gina Rodriguez and Spider-Man star Tom Holland presenting at the Oscars.
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In the comics, Deadpool and Spider-Man are no strangers to each other and have teamed up. Per Comic Book Resources, their first “unofficial” encounter came in 1997's Deadpool #11. Wade Wilson inserted himself into Peter Parker's life from Amazing Spider-Man #47 and found himself in Aunt May's home in Queens, New York.

Nearly a decade later, the two characters officially met in Cable and Deadpool #24. The two clash before reaching an understanding. They have since reunited and teamed up a couple of times (not without tension).

However, on the big screen, the two have yet to team up or meet. Now that Deadpool is in the MCU, there are chances to introduce him to Spider-Man. The star power involved in a movie with them would be massive thanks to Reynolds and Holland.