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Dell Curry accuses Sonya Curry of cheating on him with former Patriots player, lying about it

Dell Curry, Sonya Curry, Patriots

The New England Patriots just can’t seem to stay away from getting involved in cheating accusations. This time, the Patriot in question is probably someone you might not have heard of in a very long time and about something that’s completely unrelated to football. According to TMZ Sports, Dell Curry is accusing his wife, Sonya Curry, of carrying an affair with former Patriots tight end Steven Johnson:

Dell Curry says his estranged wife, Sonya, cheated on him with a former New England Patriots tight end … and then lied to him about it.

It’s all spelled out in court docs, obtained by TMZ Sports, in which Steph Curry’s father says Sonya is, and has been, dating Steven Johnson — a 6th-round pick in the 1988 NFL Draft.

In the docs, Dell says Sonya “began her extramarital affair with Mr. Johnson during the marriage and prior to the date of separation, and she lied to [Dell] each time she cheated on him.”

Furthermore, Dell also says that Sonya is living with Johnson in Tennessee, a reason why Stephen Curry’s dad believes she should not be paid alimony. Sonya denies living with Johnson and claims she never cheated on Dell, all while claiming Dell cheated on her with multiple women.

This is another bombshell revelation from the Curry family. Dell and Sonya are divorcing after 33 years of marriage, the news of which has caught many fans by surprise.