Relocation is an MLB fanbase's worst nightmare. Cities tend to get attached to their sports teams, so the mere idea of said team moving away is enough to scare fans. So when rumors of the Arizona Diamonbacks thinking about relocation surfaced, fans were incensed. Not even a year removed from a World Series appearance, and this team was thinking about moving out?

Ken Kendrick's recent comments certainly didn't help matters. In a recent interview, the Diamondbacks owner alluded to potentially relocating. The team's lease at Chase Field ends in 2027, after all. Here's a quote from the man himself, per Scott Sanduilli.

“It’s not where we’re spending time or energy,” Kendrick said. “We may run out of time in Phoenix. We hope that won’t happen. We’re continuing to have meetings and ramp up our dialogue in every way we know how to do that.”

On Friday, Ken Rosenthal cleared the air and reassured Diamondbacks fans that relocation isn't happening anytime soon. The longtime MLB analyst was told by Kendrick that he has no intention of moving the Snakes out of Arizona. That should be a relief for longtime fans of the franchise.

“They're not talking about relocation, they're talking about renovation… What Kendrick told me was that they have asked their county to give them money for renovations. At the same time, they're willing to put in a certain amount of money as well… Chase Field is the third-oldest of the newest ballparks, and they want to do something to update it.”

Diamondbacks, Chase Field, and World Series goals

The Diamondbacks were arguably the biggest surprise of the 2023 season. After a solid 2022 campaign, many pegged Arizona as dark horse contenders for the playoffs at best. No one really expected the D-Backs to go on the run they went on last year, though. The team went through a brutal gauntlet in the National League playoffs to make it all the way to the World Series.

Their run fell just short, losing to the Texas Rangers in six games. Still, there's a lot of promise for the Diamondbacks in the upcoming seasons. They have one of the most electric young players in Corbin Carroll and Ketel Marte, as well as a reliable group of hitters. On the mound, their pitching staff is led by a Cy Young candidate in Zac Gallen. A deep playoff run is well within the realm of possibility for the D-Backs this season.

As for Chase Field, there's a good reason why Kendrick said that the field needs renovations. As mentioned, it is the third-oldest “modern” stadium. That age certainly shows itself. The retractable roof cannot be retracted with fans in attendance due to safety concerns. Diamondbacks fans have complained about the air-conditioning (or lack thereof) during games.

If what Rosenthal is saying is true, then it's great that the Diamondbacks are trying to fix Chase Field first instead of moving away. Arizona is this close to building a true championship team. Taking that away from this loyal fanbase would just be utterly devastating.