When it comes to sports, almost every news story or opinion is met with mixed reactions. However, this is one update that everybody will love. Famed ESPN sportscaster Dick Vitale revealed that he's cancer free on Wednesday.

“Dr Rick Brown just notified me with my results of my major Pet Scan & told me news I wish EVERY cancer patient can hear . He said ‘Dick u have gone from being in remission to being CANCER FREE' ! Thank u to ALL of YOU that have sent me.”

Dirck Vitale announced that he was battling melanoma last year. He was later diagnosed with lymphoma. The longtime basketball broadcaster was forced to take a pause from sportscasting to focus on treatment. He fought through everything and ultimately won the Jimmy V Award for Perseverance at the 2022 ESPYs.

He gave a tremendous speech at the ESPYs after winning the award. Vitale encouraged people to reach out to anyone battling cancer, via the New York Post.

“If you know someone battling cancer, extend that message, extend that prayer,” Vitale said. “So many times I laid in the hospital and it was those messages that picked me up in the darkest moment. It gave me such a lift to say, you know what I got to beat this. I hear Jimmy’s words in my head, ‘Don’t give up, don’t give up.'”

Vitale's perseverance truly is inspiring.

In typical Dick Vitale fashion, he previously called beating cancer his version of winning a March Madness championship. He's truly a sports legend.