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Did Ben Askren ‘get us all’ in Jake Paul KO? Daniel Cormier raises suspicions

Ben Askren, Jake Paul, Daniel Cormier

YouTube sensation-turned-boxer Jake Paul shocked the world when he dealt a stunning knockout victory against ex-UFC fighter Ben Askren on Saturday night. However, a former UFC champion in Daniel Cormier isn’t buying the result of the fight as he raised suspicion on Twitter regarding Askren’s body language after he was defeated by Paul.

In a video, Ben Askren was seen laughing as he exited the ring after absorbing the defeat. It was definitely not the kind of reaction that the public would expect from a fighter who just lost a match. Despite Askren’s odd behavior after the fight, there is still no doubt that his opponent in Paul was the clear winner of the matchup.

The 24-year-old internet star dominated the fight as he successfully landed more punches than Askren. Jake Paul then saw an opening as he swung a solid right hook which brought Askren to the ground. The former MMA fighter was able to get back on his feet but the referee still proceeded to end the fight with a little over a minute left in the first round.

Despite the suspicion from Cormier, it can’t be denied that Paul is already on his way to carving a solid boxing career as he further improved to a perfect 3-0 record. On the other hand, Ben Askren, who is better known to be a wrestler all throughout his MMA career, will conclude his boxing career with a loss at the age of 36.

After the impressive win, boxing fans will definitely have their eyes peeled for the upcoming fights of Jake Paul and see whether or not he can pull off another stunning victory against a legitimate active boxer next time around.