Dirk Nowitzki is yet another star player to opt out of his current player option to partake in this summer’s free agency.

Until now, Nowitzki has been a Mavericks' lifer, even turning down bigger money and taking a home town discount to stay in Dallas to help the team acquire more players.

Nowitzki has been very loyal in his time in Texas, and just because he opted out of his contract doesn’t mean he will change anything from what it’s always been.

Wednesday he was asked if he is exploring his options and if he’s looking outside of Dallas for a new home as this could possibly be his final contract before retirement, .

Nowitzki responded to reporters with a short but sweet answer.

“The only way I would ever leave is, like I've always said, if we start five rookies.”

That statement kills any future stories or speculation that Nowitzki is ready to bolt from the Mavericks. And since he will be starting next season, they won’t be sending out a 5 rookie starting lineup anytime soon.

Mavs' fans can rest easy knowing they have a loyal career lifer in Nowitzki.

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