DNF Duel is finally arriving on the Nintendo Switch, almost a year after its initial launch on PC, PS4, and PS5. Here's everything you need to know about its Nintendo Switch release date, including gameplay, game modes, story, DLC, and other details.

DNF Duel Switch Release Date: April 20, 2023

DNF Duel is coming out on the Nintendo Switch on April 20, 2023. It is developed by ARC System Works and published by Nexon. ARC System Works is known for making some of the most intense 2D and 2.5D fighting games on the market, with DNF Duel not an exception in the quality of games created by the studio.


DNF Duel has gameplay similar to other fighting games developed by Arc System Works, but as a spin-off of a non-fighting game (Dungeon Fighter Online and Dungeon & Fighter Mobile), Arc decided to give the game much more simplified mechanics. Like other ARC games, DNF Duel features simplified inputs to make onboarding of newbies easy. One big difference in this game is the use of an MP bar that is used to activate certain attacks, called “skills” in the game, similar to how skills work in the mainline DNF games. Though the bar disappears after each use of a skill, it slowly regenerates over time, which makes the accumulation of resources for skills possible on the defensive, compared to other games.

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The Nintendo Switch release will have all the base 15 Dungeon Fighter Online characters as well as the single DLC character (Spectre) that was released post-launch.


As part of the wider Dungeon Fighter Online universe, DNF Duel takes place in an astral plane full of gates, one of many alternate realities created in the aftermath of the destructive event known as the Great Metastasis. Each gate connects to other places in time and space exist, allowing its inhabitants to cross to other dimensions at will. Suddenly, the gates malfunction and ultimately shut down altogether, in an event known as “The Day the Doors Closed”, and as their powers faded into myth the gates became known as “Wonders”.

Moving forward to the present day, the fates of several adventures and warriors begin to converge in the Principality of Bel Myre. Each arm with its own “Wills”, the special power that hides its true potential has recently awakened the Wonders once again and upholds the future fates of both gates and multiverse.

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