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Justin Turner reacts to COVID-19 positive test, Dodgers winning World Series

Dodgers, Justin Turner

Just minutes after the Los Angeles Dodgers bagged the World Series on Tuesday night, news broke that third baseman Justin Turner had tested positive for COVID-19. The 35-year-old himself has provided an update on his current situation, and despite the unfortunate turn of events, Turner remains in good spirits.

Here is Turner’s first tweet after receiving the positive test result:

That’s absolutely great news. The fact that Turner is asymptomatic points to the fact that he should be able to join his team in their celebrations after a couple of weeks in quarantine. For now, however, he will need to celebrate in isolation.

As he described above, it was a real rollercoaster of emotions for him in the span of less than an hour. Turner was taken out of the game in the eighth inning, with no explanation provided. This was presumably the first time Turner received the news about his positive test result, which is one of the worst bit of news he could come across in the midst of playing one of the most important games of his career.

Fortunately, the Dodgers held on to their slim lead, as they were eventually able to defeat the Tampa Bay Rays, 3-1. Turner was ecstatic at that point, but again, the fact that he could not join his team on the field to celebrate their epic World Series victory was probably unlike any other bittersweet feeling he’s ever had in his life.

Needless to say, this has been a bizarre and unfortunate twist in L.A.’s historic evening.