Despite a four-game losing streak, the Los Angeles Dodgers hold the top spot in the NL West, and a big part of why that is has been the incredible versatility of Mookie Betts.

Betts, who had played in the outfield for most of his career, had planned to become the Dodgers' second baseman coming into this season. But when starting shortstop Gavin Lux played poorly in spring training, Betts was called on to save the day. And the day, he has saved.

While not the best shortstop in the league or anything, Betts has proven more than capable of taking on the enormous challenge of shortstop. And in an interview with Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal, Betts explained how he is adjusting to the change.

“I'm in a good spot, mentally,” Betts said. “Just because something's hard doesn't mean I don't enjoy doing it. But it's hard, man. It's hard, but challenges like this are reasons why I enjoy things, enjoy the game, enjoy coming to work each and every day. I got to come here and be ready to work and to learn 'cause that's a different animal for sure.”

When asked if he sees being shortstop as a permanent, long-term thing, Betts wasn't sure.

“Right now, it's for the present. If the opportunity comes where I can do it every day for the rest of my career, then absolutely, I'll definitely take on that challenge,” Betts said. “That's not going to make it easy. It's still going to be hard and I'll still be working and taking care of my business, but I'll just do whatever it takes to win. And if that's me playing short, then that's me playing short.”

Mookie Betts' incredible season

Los Angeles Dodgers player Mookie Betts

Mookie Betts has been everything the Los Angeles Dodgers have needed and more this season. When Shohei Ohtani got off to a slow start, Betts kept the Dodgers' offense chugging along with five home runs and 11 RBIs in the first eight games of the season. And while Betts has cooled off since his unsustainable start, he remains one of the very best hitters in MLB this season.

Through 53 games this season, Betts is batting .337 and has an on-base percentage of .548 and OPS of .983. His power hitting has slowed down, with just three home runs in the last 45 games, but he still has tallied 8 HR, 30 RBIs, 25 extra-base hits this season. He and Ohtani are the only Dodgers starters with batting averages over .300, and Betts' OBP is the highest on the team.

The Dodgers have fallen on hard times very recently, however. After a torrid month-long stretch between April and May, this week has not been too kind to L.A. The Arizona Diamondbacks snapped the Dodgers' four-game winning streak on Tuesday with a 7-3 win at Dodger Stadium. And that loss sparked a losing streak, which has lasted for four games, making it the longest string of losses for the team this season.

Betts and the Dodgers will attempt to avoid dropping their fifth in a row today, when they finish up their road weekend series with the Cincinnati Reds. The game is set to begin at approximately 9:10 a.m. PT.