Shohei season is in full swing! The Los Angeles Dodgers will be playing the 2024 season with arguably the best player in the MLB right now in Shohei Ohtani. After signing an extraordinary deal with LA, the reigning NL MVP is ready to tear it up and go for his first championship.

However, the Dodgers aren't getting the full Shohei Ohtani experience yet. Due to an injury he suffered last season, Ohtani will not be pitching for the team in 2024. However, the reigning MVP is taking some important steps towards his return to the mound. Dave Roberts noted that Ohtani will begin his throwing program after the Dodgers return from Korea, per Jon Morosi.

“Shohei Ohtani will begin his throwing program once the Dodgers return to the U.S. following the Seoul Series, Dave Roberts announced today.”

Even more interesting is the Dodgers potentially diverting from their original plan. The initial idea was that the Japanese star will remain as the team's designated hitter. However, Morosi's report also notes that the Dodgers aren't closing the door on Shohei Ohtani potentially playing a position on the field.

“The Dodgers have left open the possibility that Shohei Ohtani could play in the field at some point later this season; that is contingent on his throwing program. Dave Roberts said Ohtani's sole focus for now is DH. Ohtani won't pitch this year, as previously announced.”

There's actually a blueprint for the Dodgers to copy if they want to play Ohtani on the field. Bryce Harper suffered a similar elbow injury in 2022. Initially, the Phillies played Harper as their DH, like they've always done. However, they experimented a bit during his recovery by playing Harper at first base, where he won't be asked to make a ton of throws. It worked, and Harper at first stuck around.

It's unlikely that the Dodgers will commit to a similar idea with Shohei Ohtani: him being a DH makes it easier for him to pitch as well. However, it's an idea worth exploring, at least. The only question is where could Ohtani potentially play without risking his arm? Los Angeles already has an elite first baseman in Freddie Freeman, and all the other positions require more use of their throwing arms.