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Dolphins head coach Brian Flores says struggles ‘start’ with him

Brian Flores, Dolphins

Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores couldn’t have asked for a worse start to his coaching career and takes the blame for what happened on the field against the Baltimore Ravens.

Flores said he can’t pick out the one thing that was the worst about the game, saying he was disappointed in all three phases of the game, and he knows that starts with his coaching.

“I was disappointed in really all three phases. That starts with me. I didn’t think we coached well enough, we didn’t play well enough and we have a long way to go,” said Flores on Monday via Dolphins Wire.

Flores said it starts with getting the team better prepared to play football and that is his goal going forward, starting with Sunday’s game against the New England Patriots.

“Obviously I didn’t do a good enough job of getting this team prepared to play. There were definitely some things we could do better as a team in all three phases,” said Flores.

“We’ll be better. We’ll get better. (There are) a lot of corrections from that game and hopefully we can be better this week than we were last week. That’s the goal. That’s going to be the goal every week.”

The Dolphins might not have a very talented team, but that doesn’t mean players can’t give 100 percent effort and against the Ravens, it didn’t seem like players were doing that.

Beating the Patriots is going to be tough, but if players are giving 100 percent and playing the game the right way, that is a good start for their chances.