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Dolphins’ Josh Rosen has made QB decision even harder for Miami

Josh Rosen, Brian Flores, Dolphins

Quarterback Josh Rosen is looking impressive with each week of preseason play. And with his exceptional play continuing, he’s making the starting quarterback spot more difficult for the coaches to choose.

Presumed starter, Ryan Fitzpatrick, played into the third quarter. Something that isn’t supposed to happen for someone that is going to be the starting quarterback. And during that time, he didn’t impress until his final drive when he got a touchdown.

Fitzpatrick completed 12 of his 18 passes for 126 yards and one touchdown. Before his touchdown drive, he was five-for-eleven for 49 passing yards and was sacked for a three-yard loss.

Rosen completed five of his seven passes for 59 yards and had four rushes for 23 yards as well. He impressed immensely when he was thrown into starting off with a 99-yard drive that resulted in a touchdown.

Dolphins head coach Brian Flores admits that his play has proven to turn the starting quarterback decision into a difficult one to make official.

“[Josh Rosen] played well. And that makes the decision harder. I think that’s pretty clear and evident. But again there are other things at play here,” Flores said per the Palm Beach Post.

Rosen attributes his strong play to being more comfortable in the offense and gaining more of a grasp of it. But some of the “other things at play” that Flores spoke on is Fitzpatrick’s experience against playoff teams.

The Dolphins open their season against four straight teams that made the playoffs last season. But with the effort that Rosen plays with, it could get even more difficult for them to pick Fitzpatrick over the UCLA product.