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RUMOR: Dolphins players would revolt if team trades Laremy Tunsil

The Miami Dolphins are one of the teams that seem most interested in Houston Texans pass rusher Jadeveon Clowney. However, to pry the star away from the Texans, teams will have to give up a lot of assets.

For the Dolphins, one of those assets could be offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil. At least, that’s been one of the more popular rumors swirling around for the last few days.

According to Charles Trainor Jr. of the Miami Herald, if that were to happen – it wouldn’t go over well. In fact, the Dolphins could be facing a revolt by the players.

“The backlash would be amazing,” the source said. “Guys would legit revolt.”

The Miami Dolphins are like any other NFL team. They have a locker room that’s grown together. Therefore, there are some tight bonds.

Even though the Dolphins themselves have assured Tunsil they aren’t actively shopping him, you never know. Teams have traded players before when there was no indication it was going to happen. This wouldn’t be the first time a team promised something like that only to turn around and do it anyways.

However, now it wouldn’t just be losing the ultra talented Tunsil. They’d also be losing the locker room. Having an entire locker room of players pissed off for all the wrong reasons can’t be good. Suddenly they wouldn’t trust the front office and would be revolting. Is Jadeveon Clowney worth that? Is any player worth that?

The Miami Dolphins have a lot to think about as they try to snatch Jadeveon Clowney away from the Houston Texans. If they do find a way to pull off the trade, hopefully they kept Laremy Tunsil out of the deal.

If not, all Hell could break loose.