Dolphins news: Ryan Fitzpatrick announced as QB starter vs. Bills
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Dolphins announce Ryan Fitzpatrick as QB starter vs. Bills in Week 7

Ryan Fitzpatrick, Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins have made a change at the starting quarterback spot. The team has decided to move Josh Rosen to the bench in favor of Ryan Fitzpatrick, according to Cameron Wolfe of ESPN.

The quarterback change by head coach Brian Flores aligns with the choice that he made when the Dolphins trailed the Washington Redskins 17-3 in Week 6. Rosen completed 15 of his 25 passes for 85 yards with two interceptions before being sent to the bench.

The Dolphins nearly managed to pull off a comeback victory after Fitzpatrick took the field. A failed two-point conversion in the final seconds of the game resulted in a 17-16 loss. The boost that Fitzpatrick provided appears to have been enough for Flores to make a more permanent change at quarterback.

The choice to start Fitzpatrick does contradict the declaration that Flores made that Rosen would start all 16 games after the loss to the Redskins.

“I think Josh has done a good job,” Flores said, via the team’s official website. “I think today he wasn’t having a good day, and I think we’re always going to do what we feel is best for the team and today that was ‘Fitz’ going in in the fourth quarter.

“Josh is the starter, I would say. But as this thing – as we continue to move along – there’s always competition. I think everyone needs to feel that. I need to feel that. The players need to feel that. I think we know ‘Fitz’ was ready to go in today. I think he played well.”

Given the struggles that the Dolphins have experienced with protecting the quarterback and dropping passes, it remains to be seen how long it will be until Flores makes another change. For now, the veteran, Fitzpatrick, will be the starter.