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Dolphins’ Ryan Fitzpatrick wins Miami’s MVP award

Ryan Fitzpatrick

The Miami Dolphins 2019 season didn’t go as they had planned, as the team got off to an incredibly bad losing streak and never really found their footing. As they prepare for their final game of the year, however, the team still did have in-house awards to hand out, including the team’s MVP award, which went to quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.

According to a recent report from Pro Football Talk, Fitzpatrick walked away with the award, and also won the team’s leadership award for the 2019 season. This makes Fitzpatrick just the fourth player in team history to win both in the same season, a big honor for the long-time quarterback.

While Fitzpatrick initially signed on to become a transitional quarterback for Josh Rosen – who the Dolphins traded for last year – that never came to be. Thanks to some solid play and Rosen not truly developing, Fitzpatrick stuck around, and the 37-year-old quarterback did more than enough to keep the Dolphins around in some of their games.

Fitzpatrick has already thrown for more than 3,000 yards this season, which marks the first time a Dolphins quarterback has done so since 2015. While it’s likely that the Dolphins will try and land another young quarterback in the upcoming NFL Draft, Fitzpatrick is still signed with the team through 2020, and has said publicly that he still wishes to play.

Whether or not he’ll stick around on the Dolphins is yet to be decided, but as far as 2019 goes, Fitzpatrick can end the season knowing he’s been a major part of the team, both from a talent and leadership standpoint.