Tyreek Hill could probably have a job as a scare actor in a haunted house when his NFL career is all but said and done. He shouldn't have to since he's making a lot of money, but it'll definitely be fun to see him scare the living crap out of people. Miami Dolphins fans got a good look of that possibility when Hill pulled off a hilarious mannequin prank in a Soul Runner store.

In a video that is now going viral, Hill can be seen acting like a mannequin in a Soul Runner store. It was clear he's not a mannequin, but it didn't stop people from being curious. Some kids who were trying to check if he's for real or not even got scared when he started moving, prompting them to run for their lives.

Clearly, Tyreek Hill has a penchant for scaring people .. not only on the field but also off it.

Of course Dolphins fans wouldn't want Hill to be like a mannequin on the field come the 2023 season, but everyone would definitely love it if he can strike fear into the opponents' hearts like he did to those poor young kids.

Hill had a Pro Bowl-caliber season in 2022, making 119 receptions for a career-high 1710 receptions and seven touchdowns. Here's to hoping he can improve from that and really take the Dolphins to the next level.

For now, though, he can keep pranking people who are visiting Soul Runner stores. Let's just hope they show more reactions from it.