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Dota 2 Nemestice Summer Event + Battle Pass arrives with Spectre Arcana

Dota 2 Nemestice Event

Valve is not letting their The International 10 event venue woes get in the way of their Summer festivities. The Dota 2 Nemestice Summer Event is here, and it brings with it a limited-time game mode and a new seasonal battle pass.

Dota 2 Nemestice Summer Event Battle Pass

The Summer Update coincides with the tail end of The Road to The International. Hence, it only makes sense for the game’s Battle Pass to come up today. Dota 2 Nemestice Summer Event has a Battle Pass, which starts at $7.49 for a Level 1 Bundle. You can save 20% off if you get a Level 100 Bundle for $41.99. These are the things you can get right away from the Level 100 Bundle:

  1. Bounty Hunter Taunt – The Gold Dip
  2. Oracle Taunt – Time and Space Jam
  3. Io Taunt – Pop the Question
  4. Bristleback Taunt – Bristlebeat Breakdown
  5. Arc Warden Taunt – Got That Spark, Warden!
  6. Heartbreak! Seasonal Ping
  7. Fire! Seasonal Ping
  8. 6 Nemestice 2021 Immortal Treasure
  9. 8 Nemestice 2021 Themed Treasure
  10. All-Seeing Eye Dogs Ward
  11. Nemestice 2021 Music Pack

Nemestice Event Game – Mysterious Meteorites Strike The Heart of the Battlefield

To help you accumulate Battle Pass Levels, there will again be a Cavern Crawl and Weekly Quests that will reward you with prizes and Battle Pass Levels. Many of the Weekly Quests involve the Nemestice Event Game, something similar to the Diretide event mini-games that have come last Seasonal Event.

In Dota 2 Nemestice, you have to gather Meteorite Fragments. Every three minutes, the Nemestice Storm will allow giant meteorite strikes in the center of the map. You’ll channel them like you do on Outposts to collect the Meteorite Fragments. Be sure to dodge the falling meteorites – get out of the way of impact before trying to harvest the Nemestice Embers resource.

The Nemestice Embers that grant Embercharge. These boost your attack damage, spell amp, and movement speed. Gain enough Embercharge and you’ll even electrocute nearby enemies.

In Dota 2 Nemestice Event Game, creeps and towers become stronger for each tower that gets destroyed. Just like in regular Dota 2, you go in lanes to destroy enemy towers, but this time, there will be no Ancients. You only have to destroy all of the enemy team’s towers to win. But be careful – getting towers destroyed will reroute the lanes.

Introducing new Dota 2 skins and the long-awaited Spectre Arcana – Phantom Advent

The Phantom Advent is Spectre’s long-awaited Arcana, which unlocks at Battle Pass Level 375. It’s a very wraith-like look, even for Spectre, with a ghastly mask and aura upon her. She also comes with a glowy purple pendant that somehow makes her stronger. It comes with a more sinister “Phantom Ascension” alternate style that gets unlocked when players score a Megal Killstreak in 100 different games. The Arcana comes with 500+ Arcana-exclusive voice lines (the second time Spectre gets new voice recordings, actually.) It also has custom hero assets, animations, effects, character model, pedestal, and Death and Special Item effects – including a custom deny effect and item effects for Radiance and Blademail.

The Davion of Dragon Hold is Dragon Knight’s Persona, which unlocks at Battle Pass Level 195. It features the look of Davion from the Dota 2: Dragon’s Blood Neflix anime. This might just be the most unexpected content drop for the Dota 2 Nemestice Battle Pass, and it’s a very welcome one. It comes with a new model for Davion and Slyrak, complete with custom animations and all-new hero assets. This also comes packed with 1200+ new Persona-exclusive voice lines, featuring Yuri Lowenthal and Tony Todd. You can now actually play as the anime character in-game! Now, where are Mirana, Luna, Invoker, and Marci?