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DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Release Date: DOTA gets its own anime on Netflix

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DOTA: Dragon’s Blood will bring Dota 2 to the big screen as an animated series. In partnership with Valve, Netflix will bring this animated series on their platform on March 25, 2021.


Dota 2 has always been a marvel when it comes to its animated sequences and trailers. However, it’s never had a long-form medium for telling its rich lore and story. DOTA: Dragon’s Blood is here to fix that problem. An animated series exclusively produced by Netflix, it will reach our screens on March 25, 2021.

The news came as Netflix dropped a teaser trailer out of nowhere. Basing on the teaser, the series may be focusing on the origin story of Davion, the Dragon Knight. It also seems like Mirana will play a major role in the series, too.

Fans hungry for more information will not have to wait long. According to a tweet by Wykrhm Reddy, a prominent content creator in the Dota 2 community, two more trailers are coming within the next two weeks. Another teaser trailer will drop on February 19, while the show’s main trailer will drop on March 2. Therefore, we can expect to get a fuller grasp of Dragon’s Blood‘s synopsis by then.

Fans need not worry about Dragon’s Blood straying away from its source material. Dota 2’s producers, Valve, collaborated with Netflix in the production of this series, after all. Netflix also developed the critically-acclaimed Castlevania anime series, which critics praised for its faithfulness to its source material.

However, Netflix also has its fair share of failed animated series. As an example, critics panned the animated film Dragon Quest: Your Story. Along with a planned Tomb Raider animated film,  it looks like Netflix is focusing a lot of resources on adapting video games into anime. We just hope that Dragon’s Blood will be more Castlevania than Dragon Quest.