At this time last year, the Golden State Warriors were celebrating a victorious Game 6 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers and their first championship in decades.

At the time of the party, a visibly drunk Draymond Green had some choice words for the Cavs. Choice as in Bay area rapper E-40's song choices, where he changed the lyrics to fit in the teams names.

In his interview with Ros-Gold Onwude, he recited these lyrics:

“Klay Thompson, yup. Splash Brothers, yup. Cavaliers, NOPE. We won, yeah. They suck, yeah. We here, yup. They not, nope.”

Now that the Warriors have lost the series to the Cavaliers in 2016, the same can be applied in reverse. LeBron James has claimed to take the high road from all trash talking off the court, but they didn’t forget about this infamous interview segment.

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