With the NBA Finals finishing up a week ago and players having time to consider everything, Draymond Green had a chance to talk about his experience in hindsight.

Green was invited to play in this summer’s Olympic games in Rio, so reporters asked him about losing to the Cavaliers and how he's dealing with the pain.

“[The pain] will never wear off. We had an opportunity to win a championship. That never goes away. (But) you got to move on.”

Green was suspended in Game 5 after compiling four flagrant foul points in the playoffs; many believe the Warriors may have won the series had he suited up for the game.

He will be joining Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving on Team USA, which will continue to be a daily reminder for himself that he can’t make the same mistakes next year that he did in this year's Finals.

Kyrie Irving playfully said he’ll rub the fact that his team won in the faces of his Olympic teammates from Golden State, but all in good fun.

Green maintains there are no ill feelings, and he is focused on the task they have together.

“Of course it is (still fresh). But that don't mean I am coming into this like, ‘Oh man, I am mad at Kyrie.' Number one, they beat us, so you respect that. Number two, we are here for this. It is not about anybody's personal feelings. It is about representing the country.”

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