The Golden State Warriors have coasted to a 2-0 lead in the NBA Finals, thanks to strong bench play as well as a rejuvenated Draymond Green.

Earlier in the playoffs, Green was in a funk. His numbers were down and some of the plays he made were borderline reckless.

Well, some might argue that you should scratch borderline from that statement.

Green has been toeing the line with the NBA, reaching the maximum number of flagrant foul points in the playoffs without receiving an automatic suspension. People have stated that he should've been suspended anyway, most notably for his kick to Steven Adams‘ groin in the Western Conference Finals.

After each incident this spring, Green has essentially ignored what transpired on the court, acting like he didn't have a clue that anything out of the ordinary had happened.

Draymond Green lebron james

Most pundits and on-lookers could tell that Green was just putting on a straight-face for the media. Obviously he knew what he was doing, even if it was just a tactic to throw his opponents off.

Any claims that Green has been oblivious to his groin kicks and trips during these playoffs were silenced after Draymond's recent comments to Dan Woike of the OC Register.

First, Green discussed the state-of-mind he gets into before every big game.

“You find something that motivates you,” he told the Register. “Maybe it’s not a rivalry that you create in your mind, but you have to find something that’s in there that motivates you to say, ‘I want to kill him or I want to kill this team.’ I create something like that all the time.”

Draymond is exaggerating when he uses the word ‘kill,' but his mentality isn't that far off. There really are no boundaries for Green.

“There is no ‘too far’ for him,” Travis Walton, one of Green’s former Michigan State teammates, said.

Green agrees.

“Absolutely not,” he said defiantly. “I’ll cross any line to win.”

During the Finals, Green hasn't been forced to cross any lines. If things get tough in Cleveland, expect Draymond to keep his word here.

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