Duke news: Barack Obama's immediate reaction to Zion Williamson injury
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Barack Obama’s immediate reaction to Duke star Zion Williamson’s injury

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The Duke Blue Devils’ home game against the North Carolina Tar Heels was perhaps the most anticipated non-tournament game in recent memory. The presence of Zion Williamson, the man-beast who’s been terrorizing rims and opponents on a nightly basis, added fuel to the hype that even got former United States President Barack Obama in attendance.

Unfortunately, the treat that was Williamson only lasted half a minute after he injured his knee very early into the game. The top NBA prospect tried to pivot his way at the top of the key but his shoe blew out, causing Williamson to slip and bend his knee in an awkward position.

As the sea of Cameron Crazies held their breath on the sight of their star player grimacing in pain, Obama was also seen saying “He broke his shoe” in the background.

This is truly an unfortunate event that probably took the air out of the arena in Durham. Heading into this mega-event, the hype that built up turned insane and got ticket prices going north of $2,000 for the cheapest seats.

Obviously, the paying patrons did not get their money’s worth and the internet reared its ugly head once more with tactless jokes from trolls. But the real concern here should be on Williamson’s well-being.

Williamson was diagnosed with a mild knee sprain after the game.