Dune: Part Two is killing it at IMAX theaters. Why? Because they sold out on the opening weekend.

THR reports that Dune: Part Two ran out of tickets on IMAX screens during its launch. CEO Richard Gelfond told the public this during a conference for investors.

Considering the action, suspense, and visual effects, it makes for a perfect film to watch on as big a screen as possible. Plus, it's supposed to be viewed this way. When the film was made, it was partially shot with IMAX cameras.

Gelfond said, “We ran out of seats pretty much globally.

The success of Dune: Part Two

The movie brought in $32.2 million on 809 IMAX screens in global box office, which is 18 percent share. The Denis Villeneuve sequel has brought in $81.5 million in domestic box office numbers. That's double the first film's take and makes it the biggest start of the year.

It's a hit with audiences and critics. On Rotten Tomatoes, it has a 94% Tomatometer score and 95% Audience score.

“So, one in five people in the world decided to see Dune 2 on IMAX, and I think people haven't paid enough attention,” Felfond added.

The CEO is arguing for more movies to be shown on IMAX, considering the success it's been having. He used Mission: Impossible 7 as an example, as it was “losing steam” when it came off IMAX.

He said, “I think that was like a wake up call to Hollywood and they kind of said, ‘We'd better lock in the IMAX release early. Otherwise, we're going to come up short.' So that's been a catalyst for people to date their movies in advance.”

Dune: Part Two is showing now in theaters everywhere. And yes, if you can score a ticket, it's still on IMAX.