E3 2021 is just right around the corner. However, gamers are often busy people, so you can't just expect them to watch the whole thing. Hence, we created this shot guide to E3 2021's Schedule. We'll help you find out which segments of E3 you should tune in to. Find out when your favorite developers and publishers will show up. Finally, we'll let you know about how to sign up for the E3 2021 Online Conference Live Stream. All of these in our E3 2021 Schedule Guide below:

E3 2021 Opening Ceremony: June 12, Saturday

The E3 2021 Presentation will open with a pre-show, starting the live stream at 10 AM PST. After the Pre-Show, we'll go straight to the Ubisoft Forward Conference at 12 PM PT. We'll likely hear about the new Ubisoft Originals games, including Far Cry 6. The long-in-development game Rainbow Six Quarantine will also appear during the Ubisoft Forward Conference, in which it will be christened with a new name. Afterwhich, we'll get some news from Gearbox Entertainment (Borderlands), followed by a session with GamesBeat.

Day 2: June 13, Sunday

We're starting E3 2021 Day 2 a bit earlier, with the pre-show broadcasting at 8:45 AM PT. We'll finally get to see the results of the Xbox-Bethesda Marriage at the start of Day 2's Main Program. The Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase at 10 AM PT. We hope to hear news about The Elder Scrolls VIDeathloopGhostwire: Tokyo, and Starfield during their presentation. This will be followed by a special presentation by SQUARE ENIX, which will hopefully have news about Final Fantasy XVI and Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade. The PC Gaming Show and the Future Games Show will follow this special presentation. Finally, Warner Bros. Games (Mortal Kombat), Back 4 Blood, and 24 Entertainment (Ashwalkers) will also have presentations on E3 Day 2.

E3 Day 3: June 14, Monday

The pre-show for E3 2021's Day 3 will start at 8 AM PT. There will be press conferences from several indie developers, presentations from Mythical Games (My Crypto Heroes), Freedom Games (Jetboard Joust), Razer, and Capcom (Resident Evil, Monster Hunter). Take-Two Interactive (2K Games, Rockstar Games) will also hold a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Panel Discussion throughout the day.

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E3 2021 Closing Day: June 15, Tuesday

The Final Day of E3 2021 starts at 8 AM PST. It will feature Nintendo Direct and Treehouse Live, which starts at 9 AM PT. There will be focused events by BANDAI NAMCOYooreka GamesGameSpot as well. Finally, the broadcast will round out with the Official E3 2021 Awards Show.

How to watch E3 2021?

Now that you know what time your favorite publishers will hold their events, you must be asking now, how do I watch E3 2021? You can tune in during the live stream days on any of E3's official broadcast channels on Twitch, Youtube, and Facebook. For live tweets, you can also follow the E3 Official Twitter Channel.

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Meanwhile, the online-only event will have a companion smartphone app, which you can download and install on your phone. The online portal gives you access to exhibitor booths, lounges, forums, leaderboards, and even allows you to design a personal digital profile. For a full list of digital exhibitors, you can visit the E3 2021 website. These will feature “special events, VOD content, and articles, exhibitor booths will act as hubs within the portal for key announcements and game or product information tied to participating exhibitors.”

You can get the E3 app on the Google Play Store.