If the San Francisco 49ers offense has one weakness, it's their offensive line. “Weakness” doesn't feel like the right word either, because their offensive line isn't bad. However, outside of All-Pro left tackle Trent Williams, the offensive line is not up to the level of the rest of their skill position players on offense.

Philadelphia Eagles rookie defensive tackle Jalen Carter isn't worried about facing the 49ers offensive line. The favorite to win the Defensive Rookie of the Year award said, “They got a lot of weapons out there on the outside but I’m in the trenches, I ain't heard nothing about the O-Line,” via Sterling Bennett.

Still, the 49ers O-line is at least average if not above average. It may not up to par with the other offensive positions, but that's because the 49ers offense is incredibly talented with Pro Bowlers and All-Pros at practically every level with players like George Kittle, Christian McCaffrey, Deebo Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk leading the attack. Yet the O-line still has one of the best lineman in the NFL with Trent Williams blocking Purdy's blindside. The 49ers have so many top players across their roster, that any position group that isn't incredible can easily be overlooked.

In fact, the offensive line has done a pretty decent job protecting Brock Purdy. Purdy is just the 23rd most sacked quarterback having been taken down 21 times. Several quarterbacks who have played several less games than Purdy — including Daniel Jones, Tommy DeVito, Justin Fields and Desmond Ridder — have been sacked more. They also do a pretty good job run-blocking, blocking for the NFL's seventh best run offense.

Jalen Carter isn't intimidated, but by no means does that mean this is an easy matchup.