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Eagles’ Malcolm Jenkins taking leadership role entering the playoffs

Having veterans who are experienced in the playoffs is pertinent for a team. That’s what the Philadelphia Eagles have in defensive back Malcolm Jenkins.

Having been a part of two Super Bowl-winning teams in the New Orleans Saints in 2010 and the Eagles in 2018, the 32-year-old safety is providing all sorts of leadership to the many inexperienced players with no playoff experience.

“The biggest thing is you want to convince young players that it’s no different [than the regular season], because it isn’t,”  Jenkins said, via Reuben Frank of NBCSportsPhiladelphia.com. “The only thing that’s different is the fanfare and the looming doom of your season, but the game is all the same really just trying to convince them that it’s no different than the last month that we’ve been in and get them to focus more on the task at hand and the context of the situation.”

Jenkins shares with some of the younger players that they need to get out of the hype of the game ahead of them and not worry so much about mistakes.

“I made [that] mistake early in my career, trying to do too much,” Jenkins said. “You want to start making those splash plays and things like that, but it really comes down to who can execute the small things in the big pressure situations and oftentimes the hype and hoopla makes you lose site of just the small things, your technique, your details. . . . After that I realized it’s as simple as let the game come to you.”

Jenkins will continue his leadership role into the Eagles’ home playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks. Philadelphia has been to three straight playoff appearances, winning the NFC East twice and the Super Bowl once in the process.