Nick Sirianni‘s Philadelphia Eagles are 11-4. They are tied for the second-best record in the NFC along with the Detroit Lions and maybe be tied for first by the end of the night too, depending on how the San Francisco 49ers' game shakes out against a very good Baltimore Ravens team, and could very well finish out the season with the top seed in the NFL with a little luck and two more wins against teams with losing records.

And yet, if you ask Eagles fans in South Philly or otherwise, you'd think the sky was falling, as the team nearly gave away their fourth-straight game to a man nicknamed after a cut of chicken who was benched in the second half.

Discussing the state of the Birds on Christmas day, Sirianni acknowledged that while the Eagles are a good team, they have issues too.

“We’d love to be winning by multiple scores, but that’s not the reality of the NFL sometimes… To do the things we want to do, we can’t make those mistakes…We’ll get in the film room and make sure we get those corrected,” Nick Sirianni told the media in attendance via Josh Tolentino. “We know we have better football in us. To be 11-4, and know we have better football in us, that’s encouraging. But we’ve got to get there.”

Could the Philadelphia Eagles figure it all out in the next two weeks before the playoffs kick off in 2024? Could Siriani make a move at OC and start calling plays himself a la the decision to low-key replace Sean Desai with Matt Patricia? Fans will have to keep watching along to find out.