The Philadelphia Eagles may have made a quarterback change from Carson Wentz to Jalen Hurts, but they haven't totally moved on from Wentz. Despite the recent demotion, the Eagles aren't entirely giving up on Wentz just yet and plan to keep him around moving forward.

Via Adam Schefter of ESPN:

“None of this changes the belief that people have in Carson,” one team source insisted.

Wentz has been caught in a downward spiral in his 2020 campaign, topping the league in interceptions with 15 and sacks with 46, per ESPN. His inefficiency has caused the entire team to struggle, especially on the offensive end.

The quarterback signed a massive contract extension in 2019, which complicates the situation. Cutting Wentz would bring a cap hit of almost $60 million, though it could be spread over two years depending on the timing. Even a trade wouldn't totally relieve the Eagles of their obligations to Wentz.

The Eagles are currently in the midst of a four-game losing skid, dropping them to a 3-8-1 standing and a third-place spot in the NFC East. Their consecutive losses in the past few weeks prompted the team's decision-makers to try their luck on Hurts, who has been seldomly used throughout his rookie season.

Hurts already made his first significant appearance on the field when he took over under center midway through the Eagles' Week 13 encounter against the Green Bay Packers. He threw for 109 yards on 5-of-12 passes while also accounting for one touchdown and one interception.

Despite his efforts, the Packers proved to be too much for the Eagles to handle as the team dropped the game via a 30-16 decision. With a tough assignment in Week 14 against the New Orleans Saints, the Eagles can only hope that Hurts can turn things around for them and prove that the quarterback change was the right decision made by the team.