Eagles news: Philly 'pushed for a deal' with Jaguars for Jalen Ramsey
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Eagles ‘pushed for a deal’ with Jaguars for Jalen Ramsey

Jalen Ramsey

The Los Angeles Rams were the ultimate victors of the Jalen Ramsey sweepstakes, but they weren’t the only team making an effort to acquire him. According to Adam Schefter, the Philadelphia Eaglespushed for a deal” with the Jacksonville Jaguars for Ramsey.

The Eagles offered Jacksonville a first- and second-round pick for the All-Pro cornerback. But in the end, Los Angeles outbid them by sending two first-round picks and a fourth-rounder for Ramsey.

With the Eagles being 3-3 with issues in their secondary, fans in Philadelphia were clamoring for the front office to bring Ramsey into the locker room. The front office shared the same interest as the fanbase, but they also set a certain price that they were willing to pay.

Philadelphia has the 29th-ranked pass defense in the NFL and is still desperate to bolster their secondary. Instead of landing Ramsey, the team will rely on Jalen Mills to provide a boost on the backend of their defense.

When the Rams were able to land Ramsey, an anonymous player on the Eagles roster was distraught that they weren’t able to get the 24-year-old corner.

As the anonymous player stated, everyone knew the price it would take to get Ramsey onto their roster. The Jaguars continually showed no interest in trading Ramsey so all of the teams interested had to have known that it would take quite the return to pry him from Jacksonville.

We won’t know who made the right decision until years from now. But it is worth pondering what could have been if the Eagles were willing to insert another first-round pick into their offer for Ramsey.