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Eagles’ Will Parks takes shot at NFL players using Tik Tok

Eagles, Will Parks

The restrictions placed by the NFL in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has left players with plenty of time on their hands and a solid portion have used it to get their Tik Tok game on point. It appears their actions do not sit too well with Philadelphia Eagles safety Will Parks.

The social media app become the latest platform for professional athletes top try and go viral. Parks took to Twitter to call out his fellow players that are spending time making videos:

Ya favorite player creating Tik Toks meanwhile we over here locking in everyday trying to take advantage of that Tic Toc. Time is everything.

It is safe to say that Parks is not a fan of the Tik Tok movement. So much so, that he felt the need to lambaste his own colleagues for doing it.

Although Parks may be trying to show his level of dedication to the game, he may have unknowingly put himself at risk to be called out on this later. It only takes one player to take issue with his comments and potentially bookmark the tweet to use back on him at a later time if they outperform him in the 2020 NFL season.

Parks is in a transition phase for his career after spending his first four years with the Denver Broncos. He is now ready to enjoy a homecoming of sorts with his return to Philadelphia and is hoping to potentially etch out a long-term future where it all started for him.