Eiyuden Chronicles: Rising Review Scores Are In – Is Eiyuden Chronicles: Rising any good according to reviews?

Eiyuden Chronicles: Rising Review Scores – 76 On Metacritic

The prologue title that will usher in the arrival of the Suikoden spiritual successor was highly anticipated, especially by those who supported both games on Kickstarter. Was the game worth the wait and the investment? Well, Eiyuden Chronicles: Rising got a 76 Metascore on the PS5, 72 on PC, and 62 on the Nintendo Switch. That’s a bit of a stretch in terms of review scores, so let’s take a look at what critics said about the game on each of the platforms mentioned above.

Eiyuden Chronicles: Rising Switch Review Scores – 62 Metascore

For the Nintendo Switch, it appears that the reviewers mostly had issues with the game’s tedious gameplay that slows it down to a halt, making it a less ideal game for the platform. For a console that people bring with them on commutes, where it’s ideal to play short, bite-sized bursts of games in between chores and work. But it seems that there’s just too much baggage for the game for it to be carried by the Switch console.

“Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is short, clocking in at about 15 hours for 100% completion–though it probably could have cut a few hours of side-questing out and still wound up being a fine little adventure,” says Gamespot about the game in their 7/10 Review. “Despite enduring a fair bit of filler, I don’t regret the time I spent playing the game, and am interested to see how the characters and setting play into the bigger Eiyuden Chronicle world being created. It might be flawed, but Rising accomplishes what it sets out to do: whetting players’ appetites for a grand adventure down the line.”

“Do you enjoy waiting for public transit in the rain?” asks Nintendo Life, in their 5/10 Review. “Could you bear sitting next to a screaming toddler on a transatlantic flight? Do you think you’d derive pleasure from chopping down trees in the Great Forest over and over again until you had enough light lumber to fulfil three or four requests? If so, Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising has a delightful little adventure hidden beneath a lot of tedium just for you. If not, we wouldn’t begrudge you for staying clear and hoping Hundred Heroes doesn’t follow too closely in its predecessor’s footsteps. This game certainly has charm, but it makes you work too hard for it.”

Eiyuden Chronicles: Rising PC Review Scores – 72 Metascore

The PC Reviews have more favorable review scores, but the complaints about the game’s sluggishness are still there. It was therefore both a blessing and a curse that the game is just 15-hours long – the tedium could be gotten over with quickly, which also meant Eiyuden Chronicles: Rising didn’t overstay its welcome.

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“Undemanding and decidedly enjoyable, Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is a light-hearted and often cartoon-like Action JRPG which is really fun to spend your time with,” says The Games Machine in their 8.8/10 Review. “Of course, you don’t have to have anything against going back and forth a thousand times in the same places, to do the same things again and again, because in this case appreciating it would be quite difficult. The visual quality is really impressive and I really liked the mix of backdrops in (very rich) 3D and two-dimensional pixelated characters, and I can’t get the music out of my head. In short, a good game: not essential but absolutely enjoyable.”

“At the end of the day, it is quite impossible to look at Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising without thinking ahead to Hundred Heroes,” says Twinfinite in its 4/5 Review. “On its own, it is a capable action-JRPG that looks great, with solid combat and platforming to keep players distracted from completing repetitive quests, but as part of the larger universe, it lays an inviting foundation for what is to come with well-realized characters amid a larger unfolding conflict. And as someone hoping for that Suikoden magic to be recaptured, New Neveah becomes an irresistible world to spend time in.”

Meanwhile, on the players’ side of things, the game actually has a Very Positive rating right now on Steam. At least those people who were invested in the game really had their money’s worth according to the reviews there, so that’s a good thing.

Eiyuden Chronicles: Rising PS5 Review Scores – 76 Metascore

There were fewer qualms coming from the PS5 reviewers of the game, with a lot more positive things to say about the short but sweet experience that Eiyuden Chronicles: Rising brings to the table.

“Eiyuden Chronicle is a quick and frothy good time – exactly the introduction to the Eiyuden universe that was needed to get players excited for the next game,” says Gaming Nexus in its 9/10 Review. “Cool, lighting-fast combat, fun characters, and non-stop progression all combine to make this a title worth exploring. Consider my appetite for more from this universe to be fully engaged.”

“Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is a good game that introduces you to a bright and colorful cast of characters and the world they inhabit,” says PlayStation Lifestyle in its 7.5/10 Review. “It’s short and sweet, with the main story missions costing me 10 hours, but it leaves just enough of an impression without overstaying its welcome. I do worry that it’s releasing a bit too early compared to the main entry and with a game focused around questing, it’s so disappointing how badly the questing system and UI is setup. There is also a lot of needless backtracking that could have been avoided. All that being said, it’s a good start and for those Suikoden fans out there, it brings out a lot of nostalgia and moments that feel like Suikoden. Great start from Rabbit & Bear, we can’t wait to see what’s next.”

Conclusion: Is Eiyuden Chronicles: Rising a good game?

The game appears to have generated even more hype for the upcoming RPG and the main course meal of the series, Eiyuden Chronicles: Hundred Heroes. In that regard, Rising already did its job in establishing the series ahead and generating hype for the actual game that the Kickstarter project was supposed to create. We’re looking out for the coming game and hopefully it can build upon the foundations of Rising and turn Hundred Heroes into a big success.