Elden Ring, just like any other Dark Souls game, is very depressing. Here are some of the best Elden Ring mods to make it a bit more jolly.

Elden Ring has just released last week, and it has already successfully done what it’s set out to do: revolutionize the Souls sub-genre, provide fans with a challenging game, and hurl players spiraling down to depression with the game’s unforgiving difficulty and depressing themes and subject matter. Some players, however, would prefer a game that is much less depressing, a game that they can play to relax to. While the subject of accessibility would prop up in many conversations, there are ways players themselves can modify their game experience to better suit their requirements without the intervention of the developers. Elden Ring is already said to be one of the most accessible games so far in the Souls sub-genre, but to some, it might not be enough.

Thankfully, dutiful fans have already made modifications to the PC version of Elden Ring. Here are some of the available Elden Ring mods that will make your Elden Ring experience less depressing on PC.

(Short disclaimer: always be careful when installing mods. These may modify some of your game files and may lead to corrupted data. Always save a backup of your files before installing a new mod, especially when you are installing multiple mods over the same build of the game. Also, always update your mods to the latest versions, especially when the game itself gets a new version update.)

The Best Elden Ring mods Available Now

Elden ReShade (by Vanguard1776) – Popular modder Vanguard1776 has made his Elden Ring reshade available as well for everyone to enjoy. While some other reshaders follow a theme, Vanguard1776’s Elden Ring mod is a general reshade that polishes what the developers have already published. A true next-gen reshade that makes game look fantastic, this mod is an essential mod for even those who don’t like mods in general. Just treat yourself with a graphical upgrade.

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Antidepressant (by Patrick122112) – Breathe some life into the dreadful world of Elden Ring. This antidepressant Elden Ring mod reshades the game to make it feel warmer, making the Erdtree look much more vibrant. A tree this bright and magnificent deserves a mod like this to make it stand out even more.

ELDEN RING 2 (Raytraced Reshade) (by MANgamez) – Many players and reviewers have noted the lack of raytracing options and settings for Elden Ring. That’s not a big problem for modders, however, as MANgamez has given the players what they want that FromSoftware cannot provide (at least at launch).

Save file manager (by darklee16) – As we’ve mentioned, backing up your saves and your files is important when you’re dabbling with mods. A very barebones mod that lets players manage their save files in Elden Ring through a desktop executable is available. While it doesn’t have any bells and whistles, the mod itself is functional for what it advertises.

Unfortunately, the very infamous mod that puts GTA San Andreas protagonist CJ in Elden Ring is not something you’d find on Nexus Mods. The modder who made this possible did the modification on the PS4 version during the Network Test for the game, and it’s unknown so far if they have plans to port it over to PC. Keep an eye out on any new releases on the Nexus Mod Manager website and snag that mod once it becomes available if ever it does get ported over.

As time goes on, this list will continue to grow. You can also check out the entire library of available Elden Ring mods over at Nexus, where you can find mods for a ton of games aside from Elden Ring. You might even want to check out our previous article on the best God of War PC Mods to use if you’ve still yet to reach the Ragnarok for that game.