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Engineer builds the largest Nintendo Switch for a Children’s Hospital

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Michael Pick works as a space software engineer. Additionally, he hosts a modest YouTube channel that focuses on creative engineering projects. Recently he just stepped into the video game scene with a very exciting project. Michael Pick planned, developed, and engineered the world’s largest Nintendo Switch. Pick spoke at length about what inspired the special project.

“I kept losing my switch…haha. No, seriously I thought it would be a really cool project. And I knew that the kids at the children’s hospital would love it. So it was a win-win in my book.”

Pick subsequently donated the custom-built Switch to Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt, TN. YouTube engineers engage in wacky projects all the time but this project helped sick kids at a Children’s Hospital.


The gigantic Nintendo Switch features a massive 4K display that’s 650% larger than the normal console. The entire thing weighs around 65 pounds and measures 70″x30″. Every single button on the ginormous Switch works as intended. The giant working console came together with a combination of woodworking 3D printing.

Naturally, such an engineering marvel would make a fine addition to any living room but Michael Pick saw fit to donate it for use in a playroom in a Children’s hospital.

“The hospital told me they intend to install the Giant Switch in one of the playrooms for the kids to play games on. They’ll most likely be using Joy-Cons/pro controllers, so using the switch to play games on won’t be a full-body workout (like what you see in my video! haha).”

Now, the sick kids confined in one local Children’s Hospital in Vanderbilt, Tennessee will have something fun to enjoy.

Previously, Pick worked on the smallest MacBook, iMac, and Gaming PC projects. Hopefully, the story of the giant Nintendo Switch inspires many other engineers to use their powers for good.