Ep. 2019:42 - Grading the L.A. Rams’ NFL Draft Haul
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Ep. 2019:42 – Grading the L.A. Rams’ NFL Draft Haul

Todd Gurley

Derek Ciapala and Michael Stewart analyze the Los Angeles Rams’ performance in the 2019 NFL Draft. They focus on the myriad of trades the team made to move around the draft board, resulting in a draft class that addressed nearly every need on the roster. Finally, they look at the draft as a whole. Which teams performed well? Which teams struggled? It’s all here in this edition of Rams Talk Radio.

Derek and Mike open the first segment with a look at the trail of trades beginning with their first round pick and extending into the seventh round. They analyze the resulting selections and how they fill into the roster, beginning with the Rams’ first pick, Washington safety Taylor Rapp. They guys also address the team’s selection of Memphis running back Darrell Henderson in the third round. Does this mean anything about Todd Gurley?

The second segment kicks off with a look at the lower picks in the draft. Did the Rams find the players they needed to fill the gaps at each position group? What holes are left on the roster? Derek and Mike grade the picks.

Finally, the guys look at the rest of the draft. Who were the winners and losers? Which teams graded out the best? What were the worst picks of the draft? How do the Rams match up with the rest of the NFL? We break it all down for you.

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